• Date: Wednesday 12th June          Time: 3.45 - 6.30pm
  • St Albans High School for Girls
  • A Round Robin Doubles Tournament
  • Two separate events for experienced and less inexperienced players


  • Competitors must be under 12 on 1st September 2018
  • Competitors must play with someone from their own school
  • Players who have played regularly for their club or competed in mini orange and green events must play in the 'experienced' category
  • Players who only play at school can play in the inexperienced category
  • If a pair has one experienced and one inexperienced player then they must play in the experienced category

Closing Date: 7th June 2019

We would like to take a photograph of all the competitors together at the end of this event.  Please let us know if this is a problem.  Anyone else who wishes to take photographs during this event must report to the organisers.

Please send entries to:


Miss Lizzie Wright at Haberdashers Askes School for Girls - email: lwright@habsgirls.org.uk