An exciting afternoon at Royal Masonic School, Rickmansworth!


The year 6 tennis tournament took place at the Royal Masonic School for Girls on the 14th June 2017. It was a beautiful sunny night 30 children took part: 14 Girls and 16 Boys from 5 different Schools.

We were very pleased to welcome two new Schools to the Tournament: Fair Field Junior School and Christchurch C of E School.

We provided two new Trophies for the winning Girls' and Boys' pairs, and they also received gold medals; with the runners up receiving silver medals. All participants received Certificates for taking part.

The standard was very high and all competitors worked hard to challenge their opponents. In the end we have some very close deciders.

Boys winners:Fairfields

Girls Winners: Wheatfields

Boys Runners up: Berkhamsted Prep School: B. Baines and A. Davis
Girls Runners up: Berkhamsted Prep School: M. Day and A. Binnie